Philip Noakes – Featured in Podcast “Tell Me What You’re Working On…”

In News December 13, 2022

Philip Noakes has been featured in a podcast discussing his artistic practice, titled “Tell Me What You’re Working On…”, hosted by Gabriella Filippi.

“”Tell Me What You’re Working On…” is a series of conversations with creative people from our community, talking about what they do and why they do it,” reads the podcast’s by-line.

“Award winning silversmith and jeweller Philip Noakes has had an extraordinary career. He is a passionate craftsman who came to Australia and found an abundance of new opportunities. He tells us all about it as well as what it’s really like to put together an exhibition and why he is keen to pass on his skills and knowledge in the tradition of those craftsmen before him.”


Listen to the podcast here


Philip Noakes will also be showing a series of new works in an upcoming exhibition at Australian Galleries, Melbourne Stock Rooms.

Philip Noakes
‘Sculptural Silver’

7 – 25 February 2023
28 Derby Street, Collingwood, Melbourne

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