Pressing Matters Magazine – Danielle Creenaune

In News April 24, 2021

Cover image courtesy of Pressing Matters Magazine

Danielle Creenaune has recently been featured in the print making magazine, Pressing Matters, in which she discusses the connection between her studio space and her artistic practice.

We are pleased to be able to share the text from Danielle’s feature, courtesy of the artist and Pressing Matters. To purchase a digital copy of the magazine, click here.


1. What Attracted you to your current workspace?

I felt heartbroken leaving my spacious studio in Barcelona which formed part of my soul and creative well-being. I stumbled across a little house with a separate garage shed in my hometown Wollongong and knew straight away it had a good vibe even though it’s smaller. That was six months ago following my move back to Australia in 2019. I like solitude when I’m working and the studio is on the edge of a nature reserve with a flowing creek. I find that having my studio at home is the best use of my creative time and over the years I’ve developed the discipline to separate work and home life. I need to have the work process in my mind and at my fingertips so that I can just dive in there and hence I’m always creating, making and moving forward.

I especially love my Torculo Ribes press made in Catalonia. It has a special history for me and runs like a dream, I will never want for a better press so I brought it here in a shipping container with the rest of my studio.


2. Does your workspace influence your work?

The place is so green and abundant with birdlife and I’m often called outside while printing, intrigued by the new calls and sightings. The roller doors open to the bush and almost by a process of osmosis, outdoor and indoor become one and the same. This is perfect because my work involves observing changes in nature and I have it right there. Often when the weather is good, I work on large plates outside on the ground and in some new works I allow nature to intervene on the plates for new textures and forms.

Flow is a big part of my process and I have many things on the go at different stages both large and small. The challenge for me now is working on large scale works in a smaller space. All my previous studios grow and change over time depending on the work I’m making, so the layout is formed by the needs of the work. Working here has taught me that I don’t need much space at all and how I feel in the space and surrounding environment is what makes it more conducive to work.



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Image of the artist’s studio, courtesy of Tobias Rowles