Richard Tipping – Artist Talk & Installation at the AGNSW

In News July 17, 2019

Image: Richard Tipping, Artwork (2012, 2014), reflective tape on box-edged steel sheet, A-frame legs, edition 4, 60 x 150cm. Art Gallery of New South Wales © Richard Tipping

Join artist Richard Tipping as he discusses his work Artwork (2012, 2014) and the influence of Marcel Duchamp on his practice.

This is one of the AGNSW’s ReCollection series of lunchtime talks. Each week an artist, curator or conservator will explore an artwork of their choice – from old favourites to hidden gems – speaking from their area of expertise or a personal perspective.

Several of Tipping’s works in the collection are currently on display in association to ‘The Essential Duchamp’ exhibition at the AGNSW, which is current until the 11 August 2019. Click here to view all Tipping’s works in the collection.

When: Thursday 25th July 2019, 12pm

Where: Art Gallery of NSW – Meeting at the information desk

Duration: 30 mins

Cost: FREE event with no bookings required

Visit the Art Gallery’s website for more information and ReCollection artist talks.

Anything is art if an artist says it is.

-Marcel Duchamp

Five Questions on Duchamp with Richard Tipping

What three words describe Marcel Duchamp for you? Merdre, pourquoi pas? (Pshit, why not?)

Duchamp said ‘anything is art if an artist says it is’. Do you agree? Duchamp’s “anything is art if the artist says it is” is true because art cannot be constrained by existing definitions and constantly reinvents itself. Duchamp also said that art is a habit-forming drug: for the artist, the collector, and everyone connected. He restricted the number of readymades to prevent overdosing.

Duchamp famously gave up art to become a chess grand master. Why do you think he was drawn to chess? Duchamp needed something else to think about, and chess strategy is a white and black hole buzzing with oppositional contingencies.

What is your essential Duchamp artwork and why? I was sitting with Ira Genstein in the Philadelphia Museum. He gave the bicycle wheel a hard spin, sat again. A big guard ran in. Ira looked up and pointed, saying: “He went that-away”.

If Duchamp were alive today, how do you think he’d respond to the phenomenon of social media? Rrose Selavy making phantom appearances on Instagram? Elegant erotic puns peppering Twitter? Familiarity diminishes. Duchamp would not like being followed by followers, and would either ignore or subvert it all.

rtrt2rt3rt4Images: Richard Tipping installation shots at the AGNSW July, 2019. Courtesy of the artist