Rodney Forbes – Finalist in The Mission to Seafarers ANL Maritime Art Awards

In News October 5, 2017

The Mission to Seafarers Victoria ANL Maritime Art Awards and Exhibition is a celebratory initiative, recognising excellence in maritime and seafaring subjects in art. The awards showcase artists who have created pieces based on the theme, ‘the Relationship between Humanity and the Sea’.

Since their inception in 2002, the awards have grown significantly in size and recognition and this year’s submissions have been received from across Australia.

“The ANL Maritime Art exhibition is a key fundraiser for the Mission to Seafarers. The charity relies on the support of the artists, the sponsors and the art community in raising funds for work of the organisation established in 1857. We are thrilled with the response of the artists to the theme with both traditional and contemporary works,” said Mission to Seafarers Victoria Chief Manager, Sue Dight. “The exhibition promotes all things maritime, not just ships, and helps raise awareness for seafarers’ welfare.”

This year’s winners will be selected by the ANL Art Prize Awards Judging panel: David Milne (Artist), Graeme H Williams (CIMAM), Julie Collins (Artistic Director- Biennale of Australian Art) and Ashley Lumb (Curator at BlueThumb).

“Artists have drawn on traditional and innovative methods to create the artworks featured in this year’s ANL Maritime Prize. Using a variety of mediums including oil, watercolour, ink, charcoal, recycled materials, even sea algae, to dazzling effect, a showcase of dynamic artworks is on offer. Artists have responded to the recurring theme “The Relationship between Humanity and the Sea” in startling and seductive ways to draw the viewer in, culminating in a thought provoking and technically impressive exhibition of sea-inspired imagery,” said Curator, Katherine Edwards.

The winning artworks and all shortlisted entries are open to the public at the Annual Exhibition from Friday 6 October to Friday 27 October between 12pm and 6pm daily, at the Mission to Seafarers, 717 Flinders St, Docklands Melbourne.

Congratulations to Rodney Forbes, who has two works selected as finalists –  Saint Brendan in the land of Fair Maidens and Intoxicating Liquors  2016, oil on canvas, 51 x 92 cm (pictured above) and Little Waterfront 2017, oil on canvas, 81.5 x 35.5 cm (pictured below)

visit: more information about the ANL Maritime Art Awards and Exhibition 2017

little_waterfront copy

Text courtesy of the Mission to Seafarers

Images courtesy of Rodney Forbes