Rodney Pople – ‘2°’ at Western Plains Cultural Centre

In News October 21, 2022

The Art Lesson  2021  oil on linen  210 x 260 cm.


Rodney Pople is currently showing in the exhibition 2° alongside artist Euan Macleod at the Western Plains Cultural Centre in Dubbo.

“Friends and well-known Australian artists Euan Macleod and Rodney Pople were engaged by Western Plains Cultural Centre to visit Dubbo and produce works inspired by the theme of the animal in art, and the animals (and their audiences) at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

“Both artists spent time at the Zoo in 2020-21, observing and sketching the interplay between animals and humans, before returning to their respective studios to produce work for this exhibition. The zoo setting provided a widescreen life-drawing session – the animals going about their daily rituals, watching us watch them; the humans vying for the best view, unwittingly posing for the artists. The resulting paintings explore notions of captivity and freedom, drawing out the absurdity art the heart of our own ideas around dominance and survival.”


Rodney Pople is also currently showing at Australian Galleries, Sydney in the solo exhibition Nursery Rhymes until 30 October. Link to exhibition here


2°: Euan Macleod and Rodney Pople
Western Plains Cultural Centre
76 Wingewarra Street, Dubbo NSW 2830
1 October 2022 – 12 February 2023


Nursery Rhymes
Australian Galleries, Sydney
15 Roylston Street, Paddington NSW 2021
11 – 30 October 2022


Parliament  2021  oil over photograph on linen  140 x 200 cm.


The Café  2021  oil on linen  144 x 195 cm.