Rona Green ‘In Fine Fettle’ – Solander Gallery, New Zealand

In News October 10, 2018

Rona Green  In Fine Fettle opens Wednesday 17 October from 5.30pm to 7pm at Solander Gallery, 218 Willis Street, Wellington, New Zealand.

‘Rona Green is the ring-leader of a bizarre bestiary of animal-human hybrid hooligans, dandies, blokes, rock-chicks, weirdos, heart-throbs and trend-setters. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’ve seen some of these characters before in real-life, perhaps on a dingy street corner somewhere, at a gig, a biker bar, on a park bench or maybe even in a police line-up. Sometimes they’re so strange and unexpected they are surely the product of a museum of curiosities.’ Paul Compton, 2018

The fantastical figurative pictures Rona makes explore ideas about the nature of individuality. Specifically her interest is in how identity is expressed via the body; physical appearance and the ways it can be altered; the skin and its potential to be the stem point for transformation – how the body can be a vehicle for narrative by means of transformative devices, particularly anthropomorphism and body decoration.

In conjunction with the exhibition Rona will present a free artist talk and printmaking demonstration on Saturday 20 October from 2pm to 3pm.

Pictured at top: Leonty and Borislav 2017 hand coloured linocut, 50 x 100 cm, edition 17


Above:  King of Punchbowl 2018, hand coloured linocut, 108 x 76 cm, edition of 17


Above: Pascal 2017, hand coloured linocut, edition 23, 57 x 57 cm