Rona Green: Just Hanging Around

In News January 23, 2021

Image above: Rona Green  Pascal  2017  hand coloured linocut  57 x 57 cm

Rona Green is renowned for her strikingly distinctive hand coloured linocut prints that conjure up a fantastical world full of peculiar characters. Her upcoming exhibition, ‘Just Hanging Around,’ at Hazelhurst Art Centre is an exhibition of figurative printmaking that explores the nature of individuality.

Green is interested in how identity is relayed via the body – physical appearance and the ways it can be altered, and the potential for skin to be the stem point for transformation. The artist utilises the devices of anthropomorphism and body decoration to invent images of impossible yet somewhat believable human-animal hybrid creatures. These characters are misfits and loners, and champions of self-expression.

Use of tattoo as a motif in Green’s work is fired by its capacity to tell a story – it can convey information about origin, affiliation, status and proclivities. As a form of communication tattooing has the ability to transcend language barriers, which makes it an exciting tool for transmitting ideas.

A fancier of Egyptian art, science fiction, cartoons and comics, monster movies, secret societies and subcultures, Green endeavours to imbue her work with elements of these things which she finds fascinating.

The exhibition runs from 6 February – 16 February, 2021 in The Broadhurst Gallery at Hazelhurst Art Centre, Gymea, NSW. For more information, click here.

Image above: Rona Green  Brett  2014  hand coloured linocut  38 x 28 cm