Salvatore Zofrea – In Collaboration with 3:33 Art Projects

In News November 26, 2023

Image above:  Days of Summer  2008-23  hand-coloured woodcut with lapis lazuli on paper  edition unique  44 x 59 cm

“…I was inspired to create this series of images by becoming aware of the abundance of beauty in the flora and fauna around us. I have become very conscious of the variety, subtlety and grandeur of each form of life; and I hope that viewers will respond to these images in the same way.” – Salvatore Zofrea

We are delighted to announce Salvatore Zofrea’s online exhibition Days of Summer, running from November 2023 through to March 2024.
This exhibition is a culmination of over twenty years of printmaking and comprises 40 woodcut prints of Australian fauna and flora. This particular set has been painted by the artist using precious lapis lazuli pigment. To view the online exhibition click here.

Days of Summer coincides with presentation at Clayton Utz organized by 3:33 Art Projects, where you can view Zofrea’s extensive collection of works including his iconic 30 metre long work, Midday light, depicting wildflowers in the shimmering Australian light.Image above: Midday light  2021  oil and lapis lazuli on canvas  25 panels  152 x 122 cm each

Currently, Zofrea is working on his Four Circles series, depicting Australian wildflowers in their natural light at various times of the day – morning, midday, afternoon and evening. Each circle consists of 25 panels, each one being 153 cm high x 122 cm wide, totalling 30 metres in overall length.

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To read more about Salvatore Zofrea and view a selection of the artist’s work, click here