In News June 29, 2016

Sculpture can be seen every day on street corners and in public squares, causing much debate on its individual merits or the value of sculpture in general, that’s the beauty of art – it’s made to make you take notice and like it or not, promotes discussion.

When I started at Australian Galleries in 1966 one of the very first clients I was involved with purchased a rather good Arthur Boyd, quite a thrill for me, an older client buying something from a very young art dealer. I suggested after the purchase that this client should take a look at some sculpture which was followed by the comment, “No thanks, I’d rather stick with Art”. 50 years on this comment seems ridiculous and we have a very lively interest and market in sculpture – although I have to say it has not quite reached the stage where a client buys a piece of sculpture and when offered a look at some paintings says, “No thanks, I’d rather stick with Art”.

There’s no denying that sculpture presents interesting challenges and an exhibition of 20 sculptures can be more complicated than an exhibition of 20 paintings. The revered sculptor Inge King often made this remark to me when installing her exhibitions and then we’d look at each other and laugh because it’s just the way it is. There’s no doubt that Australia loves its sculptors and private collectors are becoming increasingly more interested year by year. There are specific sculpture collections and sculpture competitions which are very professionally handled and enjoyed by an increasing viewing public.

Australian Galleries has long been a champion of sculpture, the original gallery in Melbourne still creaks from a two tonne marble sculpture shown 20 years ago, and at present 33 of our represented artists work in the medium of sculpture.

– Stuart Purves, National Director


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