Skeleton Landscapes: Dale Cox on Responding to Climate Change Through Art

In News April 22, 2020

Earlier this year, Dale Cox’s exhibition Supermankind captured the attention of audiences with its profoundly relevant timing. The exhibition continued the artist’s explorations into environmental and anthropological themes; investigating the urgency of the climate crisis and man’s impact on the ancient ecology of this planet.

In the following article written by Karen Coombs, Cox reflects upon the motivations behind his art, offering insight into his recent introduction of human skeletons into his work. Click here to read more.

“What I’m hoping we can take out of this fire season is that we’ve reached a point where you have to be willfully ignorant to be in denial. You realise that you’re not a fringe green or looney or a tree hugger … you’re a realist. We just need to harness that goodwill and ability to respond at a ground level, so generously demonstrated during the fires, and feed it up into the political system.” – Dale Cox, 2020

Image above: Dale Cox  Stewards I  2019  acrylic on board  90 x 160 cm