Still Life – Lewis Miller

In News April 29, 2021

Celebrated painter Lewis Miller is featured in the new publication ‘Still Life’ by Amber Creswell Bell.

A rich survey of the work of more than forty contemporary Australian artists, this beautiful book presents the genre of still life in a uniquely Australian light and offers a mediation on human experience and the brevity of life. Alongside flowers and food – mainstays of the genre – the works within these pages also incorporate objects such as books and beer cans, birds and balloons, adding energy and intrigue to both the composition and the story revealed.

Lewis Miller’s paintwork is eloquent and expressive. The viewer can instantly sense the energy in his work; the fact that he always paints from life is translated into a palpable vitality in his paintings. Miller’s close observation of each of his subjects is masterfully revealed through bold linework, vivid colour combinations and gestural brushstrokes. His captivating images reveal his reverence for, and understanding of the demands of his materials as much as his sensitive observations of the world.