Omina Art Prize Finalists – Kate Hudson, Martin King, Robin Stewart and Marina Strocchi

Image above: Marina Strocchi The vineyards of Madden’s Lane 2023 acrylic on linen 122 x 152 cm

Congratulations to Kate Hudson, Martin King, Robin Stewart and Marina Strocchi who have been selected as Finalists in the 2024 Omnia Art Prize

The Omnia Art Prize & Exhibition
24 – 26 May 2024

Opening Gala and Announcement of Winner
Friday 24 May 7pm – 10pm

Smith Hall, St Kevin’s College
Moonga Road  Toorak, VIC

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This year’s prize will be judged by curator, writer and lecturer, Dr Rebecca Coates, Director of Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA).

Works exhibited are for sale, with proceeds from the event going to the St Kevin’s College Foundation to support the education of students in need or students experiencing hardship.

Image above: Robin Stewart Discovering Horus 2023 oil on linen with collage 97 x 92 cm

About the Omnia Art Prize and Exhibition

The Omnia Art Prize and Exhibition is an annual  prize, open to established and emerging Australian contemporary artists, with all exhibited artworks for sale. Vibrant, culturally-rich and thought-provoking, the hundreds of artworks on display reflect the best of Australian contemporary art across mediums from oils, acrylics, drawing, photograph, mixed media to small sculptures.

Bringing together communities and artists across a full weekend of exhibition and events, the Omnia Art Prize and Exhibition champions contemporary artists at every stage of their careers, fostering connections among creators, designers, buyers, and art enthusiasts. It is a dynamic platform for the exchange of ideas and inspiration, enriching the cultural landscape with diverse perspectives and artistic expressions.

Above image: Martin King Dawn chorus, momento mori N.D. etching, liftground aquatint, spitbite, photopolymer intaglio, chine colle and wax 101 x 130 cm

Above image: Martin King Thinking about ledger of the lost N.D. photopolymer gravure, hardcover book and ribbon

Above image: Kate Hudson Grevilleas & banksia edition 35 2021 reduction linocut 26 x 22 cm

Above image: Kate Hudson Proteas and billy buttons edition 35 2020 reduction linocut 26 x 22 cm

Above image: Kate Hudson Scarlet banksia & bottlebrush edition 35 2021 reduction linocut 26 x 22 cm

Congratulations Martin King – Finalist in The Alice Prize

Martin King  ledger of the lost years ‘24 and ‘25′  N.D  graphite, watercolour and gouache on drafting film and paper  100 x 150 cm

Congratulations to Martin King
Finalist in the The 2024 Alice Prize with his beautiful work, ledger of the lost years ‘24 and ‘25′.

The Alice Prize is an acquisitive national contemporary prize that celebrates artists working in any medium or theme from across the nation.

Significant among regional art prizes, the prize contributes to one of the largest regional collections of Australian art, with works by leading artists from across its over 50 year history.
The Alice Prize collection is a notable part of the Araluen collection and is drawn on frequently for exhibitions.

The Alice Prize Exhibition is now open to the public at the Araluen Arts Centre, Mparntwe/Alice Springs until 12 May 2024.

View the exhibition online here

Read more about The Alice Prize here

To read more about Martin King and view a selection of available works, click here

Martin King – Amazigh Art Tours, Morocco

Image above: Martin King in Morocco

“I have been wanting to revisit Morocco ever since my last trip in 2015. It’s such a remarkable country to travel around. One day you are in the High Atlas Mountains with spectacular views of valleys remote ancient villages, the next day you find yourself walking through a fertile Oasis in the shade of Palm trees or strolling through intoxicating and vibrant souks or market places, and then a day later you are in the spectacular Saharan sand dunes at sunrise then lounging on exotic Berber rugs in the nearby Riad or traditional Moroccan house for breakfast.” – Martin King

Artist Martin King has recently featured as a guest artist with Amazigh Art Tours, on a 14 day art tour across Morocco.

Perched on the North West tip of Africa, Morocco is endowed with a rich and complex
cultural history where the indigenous Amazigh (Berber) people maintain a strong connection with the land and their ancient traditions and lifestyle.

The art tour was structured to finding a balance between site seeing and art making, some days involving guided tours, long drives through spectacular landscape and exploring the local villages, while other days more time was devoted to art-making.

Visit Amazigh Art Tours to read more about this art tour and future tours scheduled for 2024.


We are excited to announce that Martin King’s upcoming solo exhibition opens at Australian Galleries Melbourne on Tuesday 14 November 2023


Martin King – Winner of the 2023 WAMA Art Prize

Image: Martin King  tree of life,  diary of lost souls in twenty volumes No 2  2023  etching, drypioint, polymer gravure, hard cover books  125  x 115 cm

Congratulations to Martin King who has been awarded the major acquisitive prize in the 2023 WAMA Art Prize Works on Paper, for his exquisite work, ‘Tree of life, diary of lost souls in twenty volumes No 2’.

Martin King is one of Australia’s leading printmakers, his work evokes the impact of colonisation on our landscape and the fusing together of the past and present through the natural world.⁠

‘This work embeds naturalist John Cotton’s illustrations of birds of the Melbourne district in 1840 into an etching of a hybrid tree, an English Elm and indigenous Peppermint Gum, both present in Fitzroy Gardens Melbourne. Past and present fuse, the work is both memoriam and a vision for future eco-diversity.’ – Martin King, 2023

The WAMA Art Prize, Works on Paper, is a biennial national award. Inviting a multi-disciplinary range of nature-inspired Australian artists, the award celebrates the connectivity with nature and raises awareness of the importance of conserving our precious, unique Australian environment.

Over 300 artworks were entered in the 2023 WAMA Art Prize and the 50 finalists are represented in this exhibition.

The WAMA Art Prize is now showing at the Ararat Gallery TAMA (Textile Art Museum Australia)
82 Vincent Street, Ararat VICV until 19 November and can be viewed online here.

Voting is now open for the People’s Choice Award via the online exhibition. ⁠

To read more about Martin King and view a selection of the artist’s work, click here

Martin King – Documentary by Peter M Lamont

Martin King at his studio.

Filmmaker Peter M Lamont has created a documentary focusing on the art practice of Martin King, titled Preservation.

Martin King’s wide-ranging art practice is underpinned by an abiding interest in the Australian landscape, most visibly by making connections between land, sea and air.

King’s earlier works on paper traced the movement of rain shadows and the effect of weather patterns across undulating terrain and vast tracts of desert. His more recent works express the fragility of our relationship with nature using creatures of the sky as simple motifs that convey a paradoxical vision of the Australian landscape as both tranquil and unsettling.

Martin King’s works are held in numerous corporate collections, 17 regional gallery and university collections and four state galleries in Australia plus collections in the USA, UK and India. Martin King occupies an important place in printmaking in Australia, and is acknowledged widely as one of the leading printmakers in the country.

Watch the documentary below, or find a link to the documentary here.

Martin King – Amazigh Cultural Tour to Morocco

Image above: Martin King  diary of lost souls, pages 21-22  2022  graphite and watercolour on drafting film and paper  220 x 130 cm.

Artists, printmakers and art lovers are invited to join renowned artist and master printer Martin King on a journey through Morocco with Amazigh Cultural Tours from 14 – 28 October 2023.

This 14-day holiday tour will traverse a large part of southern Morocco, from the ancient city of Marrakech over the High Atlas Mountains to the edge of the Sahara, during which participants are invited to sight-see and make art.

Martin King in the studio.

Traveling with like-minded people and an experienced team of co-hosts including Australian artist and curator Rita Lazauskas and professional Amazigh Guide Abdenabi Imelouane, the program offers an innovative and creative way to explore a new place that is stimulating, supportive and safe.

Martin King trials an ancient olive press for printing in the Skoura Oasis.

“The aim of our tour is to capture the spirit of each place visited with simple and direct means – drawing, watercolour, collage and printing by hand on to paper that we develop into a journal or artist book that will reveal your own personal experience of Morocco and the places we visit.” – Martin King

Martin King  strangerlands #1  graphite on drafting film, watercolour on paper, gouache, metal foil  148 x 226 cm.

“I have been wanting to revisit Morocco ever since my last trip in 2015. It’s such a remarkable country to travel around. One day you are in the High Atlas Mountains with spectacular views of valleys remote ancient villages, the next day you find yourself walking vibrant souks or market places, and then a day later you are in the spectacular Saharan sand dunes at sunrise then lounging on exotic Berber rugs in the nearby Riad or traditional Moroccan house for breakfast.” – Martin King

Martin King  lake hindmarsh project installation  2011 etching, painting and fallen branches  variable dimensions.

Martin King’s wide-ranging art practice is underpinned by an abiding interest in the Australian landscape through drawing and printmaking. He has held exhibitions both nationally and internationally, with over 50 solo exhibitions in Australia. He has won several major awards, including most recently the Hazelhurst Works on Paper Award 2022, Gallipoli Art Prize 2019, Muswellbrook Art Prize, and Works on Paper 2019. He is also the senior printmaker at Australian Print Workshop, a position he has held since 1994.

Contact Rita at Amazigh Cultural Tours for more information:, or learn more on the Amazigh Cultural Tours website.

Martin King and Maryanne Coutts – Finalists in the 2023 Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing

Image above: Martin King  studies for diaries of lost souls  2023  graphite, watercolour, collage on drafting film on paper  100 x 150 cm (framed). Photographed by Matthew Stanton.

Congratulations to Martin King and Maryanne Coutts, who have been selected as finalists in the 2023 Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing.

Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Sydney was honoured to welcome acclaimed artist, curator and writer Imants Tillers to Adelaide Perry Gallery to select this year’s Perry Prize shortlist. Entries for the $25,000 acquisitive award were received from across Australia from which 40 finalists were selected. Just prior to the opening of the Exhibition of Finalists, Mr Tillers will return to the Gallery to select the overall winner.

Maryanne Coutts  August Moon  2022  animated ink drawing  dimensions variable.


On her work, Maryanne Coutts says: “As moments, weeks and years pass me by, I work on various drawing projects to explore the fluidity of change that unravels inside the events of my life. Every day since April 2013 I have made a drawing loosely based on what I wear each day. In 2022, these became more concerned with the atmospherics that I inhabit rather than my clothes.

“In April, the rain seeped into my daily gouache and collage drawings and in August I made it a point to look at the moon every day, this time recording my observations in ink on paper. I then animated these lunar observations.”

Animation of August Moon 2022.


Opening and Winner Announcement: Friday 24 February, 7pm


Exhibition of Finalists, 2023 Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing
Adelaide Perry Gallery
Cnr College Street, Hennessy Street, Croydon NSW 2132
24 February – 24 March 2023

Martin King – CLIMARTE group exhibition ‘TREE’

Image: Martin King tree of life, diary of lost souls in twenty volumes, No. 1, etching, drypoint, spitbite, chine-collé, hard-cover books, UNIQUE, 112 x 120 cm

Martin King’s exquisite work tree of life, diary of lost souls in twenty volumes, No. 1 is included in the upcoming CLIMARTE group exhibition TREE.

CLIMARTE is mounting an exhibition of artwork depicting and communicating the lives of City of Melbourne trees.  Trees face a dangerously warming world, among other threats. Life has a layered dialogue with trees in the city context. Trees in urban settings have circumstances not experienced by trees in non urban environments.

Offering shade, oxygen, habitat, comfort, beauty and more, day in day out, year after year, the City of Melbourne’s 70,000+ trees are an extraordinary, silent ‘asset’.

CLIMARTE called for artworks of and about a tree; a tree from the City of Melbourne’s celebrated Urban Forest project.

Using the City of Melbourne’s Urban Forest Visual as a guide, artists were invited to create a work that honours and advocate for a particular tree living in the City of Melbourne.

Exhibition Opening:
Tuesday 11 October 6pm
45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

‘I have chosen to work within the Fitzroy Gardens, a location I have spent much time wandering, pondering and passing through, actively and passively!
I have concentrated on two trees, Corymbia, Lemon Scented Gum, (tree ID: 1040279) and Fraxinus, English Ash, (tree ID: 1040597) in the NE and E part of the gardens.
The work will bring these trees together, a hypothetical hybrid, half Gum, half Ash Both are mature and substantial trees.

Fitzroy Gardens were established in the 1800’s, originally set aside as a reserve in 1848.
My interest is in the gardens is as a sight and haven for urban wildlife.
The work is an etching of the trees, the right-hand side of the work is the Gum, the left-hand side, the Ash. It is presented as a series of hardcover books laid out as double page spreads, which will reveal the splendour of both trees.

Embedded within the etching are pages from the diary of John Cotton (1802-1849), a naturalist and pastoralist in Victoria. His journals are beautifully illustrated with bird species found in the Port Phillip region at time the Fitzroy gardens were founded. My work is a reflection of habitats and the species that inhabit them, past and present.

My hope is that the Fitzroy Gardens and the significant initiative of the City of Melbourne Urban Forest, will continue to support a sight and haven for wildlife and plant biodiversity into the future.’
– Martin King, 2022

Martin King – Winner of the 2022 Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery National Print and Drawing Award

Image: Martin KING  once willing, NOT NOW  2022  graphite, watercolour, pigment, gouache on drafting film and paper  108 x 86 cm

Congratulations Martin King who has been announced the Winner of the 2022 Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery National Print and Drawing Award for his exquisite drawing once willing, NOT NOW.

The exhibition of finalists is current at the Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery until Sunday 20 November.

For further information, click here

‘Stamps carry messages embedded in their usage and imagery. The stamp is a mark of authority, a tax posing as art employing symbolic messages which governments seek to convey to their citizens and to the world.

Stamps are products or `windows’ of the state that illustrate how it wishes to be seen by its own citizens and those beyond its boundaries. They reveal messages the state considers most important.’ – Martin King, 2022

To view available works by Martin King, visit the Stock Rooms pages at our website – here

2022 Salon des Refusés – Selection announced

Congratulations to Graeme Drendel, Michelle Hiscock, Martin King, Glenn Morgan, Mary Tonkin and Christine Wrest-Smith who are included in the 2022 Salon des Refusés – the alternative Archibald and Wynne Prize Selection.

In 1992, as a response to the overwhelming number of entries to the Archibald and Wynne Prize’s that were not selected for display, S H Ervin Gallery initiated The Salon des Refusés.

Since its launch the alternative display has gained momentum on par with The Archibald Prize and is fast becoming one of the most anticipated art prizes in the Sydney scene.

The Salon des Refusés exhibition at the S.H. Ervin Gallery has established an excellent reputation that rivals the selections in the ‘official’ exhibition, with works selected for quality, diversity, humour and experimentation, and which examine contemporary art practices, different approaches to portraiture and responses to the landscape.

In 2022, 55 works have been selected for the ‘alternative’ exhibition, with 38 from the Archibald Prize 17 from the Wynne Prize by selectors Kon Gouriotiseditor Artist Profile magazine; Michael Hedger, director, Manly Art Gallery & Museum  & Jane Watters, director, S.H. Ervin Gallery. 

2022 Salon des Refusés

S H Ervin Gallery

May 14 – July 24

For more information and to see the complete list of selected artists click here.


Graeme Drendel  The Gardener- Portrait of Wendy (Wendy Horsburgh)  oil on canvas  26 x 31 cm 



Michelle Hiscock  The Critic in Lockdown (Christopher Allen, art critic) oil on canvas 50 x 40 cm 


Glenn Morgan  Stuart @ Australian Galleries (Stuart Purves, gallerist)  acrylic on board 98 x 74 cm 



Christine Wrest-Smith  Self Portrait black t-Shirt   oil on linen   91 x 71 cm 




Martin King  the moment between sleeping and waking, double cross in the cosmos watercolour, pastel and oilstick on drafting film and paper  120 x 258 cm 



Mary Tonkin  Hot kiss, Kalorama  oil on linen 183 x 213 cm