Peter Churcher – at Galerie Thomas Fuchs, Germany

Image above: Peter Churcher  On the Metro  2020  oil on canvas  152 x 165 cm.

Peter Churcher has a series of recent works showing in a solo exhibition at Galerie Thomas Fuchs in Stuttgart, Germany, titled ‘Peter Churcher. Modern Life’.

Peter Churcher takes the human figure as his subject in this series of paintings depicting scenes of modern life – from a stay in an Airbnb to a ride on the metro, or the interior of a car. Influenced by Baroque painting, particularly the Spanish school and Velázquez, Peter Churcher paints his figures with a dramatic play on both light and the rich narratives of daily modern life.  

As a counterpart to the figurative motifs in this exhibition, a group of still lifes show inanimate objects in classical arrangements, in which the traditional subject is placed in a contemporary context with the inclusion of common modern objects such as plastic containers and wrappers.


Peter Churcher. Modern Life
Galerie Thomas Fuchs
Reinsburgstrasse 68A, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany
4 August – 2 September 2023

Opening event: Friday 4 August, 6-8pm


Peter Churcher  Bowl of Apples  2023  oil on canvas  54 x 65 cm.