Vale Erwin Fabian

In News January 20, 2020


Erwin Fabian 1915- 2020

All at Australian Galleries are deeply saddened to hear of the death of Erwin Fabian at the age of 104 years and two months.

We have held many of Erwin’s fine and major exhibitions at this gallery. Erwin’s work was always exciting, challenging and most visually intelligent.

“When I first met Erwin 35 years ago we would meet for coffee regularly and I would listen to fascinating recollections of his youth and his meeting of Albert Tucker, Arthur Boyd and so many significant artists when he first migrated to Australia.

Erwin was profound, single minded and determined; devoid of any bullshit whatsoever.

The only interest he had in himself was through his work. He felt the sculpture was more him than himself. As time went by I realise more and more what he meant by this and it explained the way he shunned personal publicity.

In spite of his complicated background and a hundred years of ups and downs, on every occasion being greeted by him was a warm and wonderful experience.

We were very honoured to have hosted Erwin’s hundredth birthday celebration with an exhibition of his recent work and a big chocolate cake on which was written ‘100 not out’.

Sasha Grishin spoke wonderfully at the opening with much praise which this remarkable artist deserved. We will all miss him.” Stuart Purves 2020

Photographs of Erwin Fabian in his studio courtesy of Damien Pleming and SBS Australia.