Peter Lundberg

b. 1961

Peter Lundberg is an internationally renowned American abstract sculptor who lives and works between Vermont, Beijing and Sydney. He has a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Mathematics at Skidmore College in New York, and was later awarded his Masters in Fine Arts in Sculpture at Bennington College, New York. Working between cast concrete and bronze, Lundberg’s practice is motivated by simple forms and patterns that come from nature. For many of his large-scale concrete works, Lundberg experiments with new methods of casting by using the earth as an organic mold to create unpredictable raw forms, textures and edges. Through this process, his sculptures become intrinsically connected to place, as they are both inspired by and physically built from the natural elements of the landscape they occupy. Monumental in both size and weight, Lundberg’s sculptures rise out of the earth with an arresting presence and enter into the consciousness of the landscape. His public sculptures are included in many important collections and Sculpture Parks around the world, featured in over 16 major cities such as New York, Quebec, Frankfurt, Berlin, Beijing, Shanghai and Sydney, as well as over 34 small town and regional public spaces. Since 2011, Lundberg’s work has been exhibited each year in Sculpture by the Sea in both Bondi, Sydney and Cottesloe, Perth, and was the recipient of the major Sculpture by the Sea Prize in 2012 for his work ‘Barrel Roll’ and in 2014 for ‘Ring’. In his most recent commission, Lundberg created a 40 foot-tall and 57 tonne concrete sculpture called ‘Standing man’ at the Australian Galleries Sculpture Park in Porcupine Ridge, Victoria.


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