Wendy Loefler

b. 1950 — 2016

Wendy Loefler was born in South Africa and emigrated to Australia in 1976. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at the National Art School in 2003. Loefler has been a finalist in the Dobell Prize for Drawing three times and her works have been selected twice both for The Kedumba Drawing Prize and the Gold Coast Art Prize. In 2005 her work was acquired under the Outback Art Prize by Broken Hill Regional Gallery. Drawing is central to Loefler’s practice. She is best known for her large charcoal landscapes depicting the arid regions of Australia. Over many years she has travelled annually in the remote outback, drawing and painting on site; her major works are then developed in the studio. While her primary intention is to convey a sense of space, intricate detail reveals an affinity with the rich variety of forms and plant life which the desert environment of rock and sand supports. A trip to Antarctica in 2012 provided a new subject with which to indulge her interest in scale and wilderness.