Andrea J. Smith – in ‘Percorso’ at Mildura Arts Centre

In News March 5, 2023

Image above: Golden Pears  (detail)  2005  oil on canvas.

Works by Andrea J. Smith are currently being shown in a solo exhibition at Mildura Arts Centre. This show, which includes around 100 works from her various studios, describes a journey of perennial musing recorded in paint.

Andrea J. Smith is a classically trained painter and educator whose work marries classical still life and portraiture with contemporary style and technique. Having spent more than 35 years overseas, away from her Australian roots, she has exhibited internationally and founded schools in both New York and Rome.



Percorso: Rhythm | Balance | Structure | Texture | Harmony
Mildura Arts Centre
199 Cureton Avenue, Mildura Vic 3500
24 February – 14 May 2023


Big Red  2014  oil on board.