Andrew Antoniou – in Canberra Times

In News September 20, 2022

Image above: Zodiacs Dance  2021  charcoal  85 x 100 cm. Courtesy of the artist.


Andrew Antoniou has been featured in a thoughtful review penned by the renowned art critic Sasha Grishin for Canberra Times. The review responds to his recent exhibition ‘PROPS, MASKS & MAGIC’, which showed at Grainger Gallery in late August. In this exhibition, Antoniou paints costumed figures arranged as if on a stage, surrounded by animals and props to form a strangely elusive narrative.

“Their actions appear to be deliberate, but their purpose is not revealed to the viewer, nor is it clear the role played by the various props, symbols or rites that surround and seem to preoccupy these characters.”

Divining Rite  2021  oil on canvas  153 x 122 cm. Image courtesy of the artist.

“Exhibitions such as this one and recent shows at the Australian Galleries demand that he be taken seriously as a significant figurative artist who with his theatre of life, dreams and nightmares has developed a unique voice within Australian art.” – Sasha Grishin.

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