Bart Sanciolo

Bart Sanciolo is a Melbourne based artist, born in Messina (Sicily) in 1955, moving to Australia in 1968.

His extensive career encompasses lectures, design projects, teaching, and exhibiting, as well as significant commissions including a ten-metre, freestanding bronze high relief depicting Dante’s Divine Comedy (1977). This large-scale public commission, installed at La Trobe University, was commissioned by the Italian Community as a gift to the people of Australia. In 1993 the National Trust of Australia awarded classification to Sanciolo’s ‘Dante’s Divine Comedy’ sculpture as a work of cultural significance.

Sanciolo’s works deal with the human condition and connection between intuition and reality; concerned with the actuality, intimacy and immediacy of beliefs and passion. Working to establish a dynamic relationship between line, form and design; expressed through a contemporary format yet responding to a classical tradition, Sanciolo does not aim to illustrate, rather, he interprets and manifests a narrative to ‘acknowledge and affirm’ human nature, and the multitude of consequences for being defined by ti