• Artists
  • Peter D. Cole, Helen Cole, Oliver Cole

Peter D. Cole, Helen Cole, Oliver Cole

Australian Galleries is thrilled to present three concurrent solo exhibitions by Peter D. Cole, Helen Cole, and Oliver Cole, exhibiting their works together for the first time in one extensive space. 

Peter’s sculptures, Helen’s paintings, and Oliver’s photographs in their own distinct ways reflect upon themes of place, memory, home and the natural world. This exhibition provides the rare opportunity to experience the work of three talented artists, both independently and in the context of family. Together, their highly personal works form a harmonious whole, each piece in dialogue with another, creating fascinating connections, complements and contrasts. 

This exhibition presents a magnificent new series of free-standing sculptures by Peter D. Cole, as well as a vibrant collection of paintings and digital drawings. Cole’s two and three dimensional works celebrate the beauty of forms within the natural and the constructed world. Striking singular flowers, vases of bright blooms, household vignettes and interiors are masterfully realised through the artist’s distinctive visual language of modernist-inspired, streamlined motifs and a vibrant colour palette. 

Helen Cole’s still life paintings immediately engage through exquisite colour harmonies and dynamic compositions. Cole paints familiar objects such as flowers, fabrics and household objects with such reverence and keen observation that their inherent beauty becomes elevated. She deftly creates intriguing relationships between shape, form, colour and texture, to create captivating vignettes.

Oliver Cole’s photographs are richly atmospheric. Rather than presenting a descriptive outline of the landscape, his minimal compositions evoke an emotional response, and allow space for the viewer to contemplate. Deftly exploring space, light and form, he presents images of West Central Victoria that are poetic and engaging.