Robin Stewart

Robin L. Stewart has exhibited paintings in solo and group shows around Australia, Japan and the UK.

From the mid-1960s Robin worked as a commercial artist and designer in advertising agencies in Canada, USA and England. Returning to Australia in 1969, he began a 10-year career as a senior art director, working for international agencies. In 1980, Robin founded Luscombe & Partners advertising. As Creative Director and then Managing Director, he built the agency into a national brand. He left the business world in 1991. Robin worked as a writer and novelist and created film scripts. He published two works of fiction: Goat on a Hill (1999) and Mcity (2007). Mcity was awarded a commendation by the Fellowship of Australian writers in 2008.

Robin began painting in 2009 and works from his studio in Melbourne, Australia. He exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Show R.A. (UK) in 2015, and has been shortlisted three times. Robin exhibited at the Art Olympia international competition, Metropolitan Art Museum Tokyo, Japan. Robin exhibited as a finalist in the 2016 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.



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