Australian Galleries Stock Rooms Launch 2017

In News January 17, 2017

Australian Galleries is delighted to welcome the new year with the official launch of our extensive Stock Rooms in Melbourne. 2017 will commence with a dynamic and diverse exhibition across two states, showcasing works by artists represented by the gallery. Over 200 artworks exploring a wide range of media, genre and scale will be exhibited, incorporating all of our three locations in Melbourne and Sydney.

As well as our gallery in Roylston Street, Paddington and the original Australian Galleries exhibition space in Derby Street, Collingwood, AG will begin 2017 by opening the doors to our most recent and largest location, the Stock Rooms Gallery. This impressive building has seen a complete renovation over recent months, creating a vast exhibition space, a dedicated print gallery and a stock gallery upstairs. The Stock Rooms enables solo exhibitions to be held, while providing the opportunity for all of our artists to exhibit new works from the studio in between shows.

Australian Galleries continues to represent significant contemporary Australian artists and remains a passionate advocate of the arts. The Stock Rooms creates yet another stunning space for these significant works of art to engage with a wider audience.

We are delighted to invite you to the official launch of the Stock Rooms on Tuesday 31 January 2017, 28 Derby Street, Collingwood VIC from 6pm to 8pm. This exhibition is current until 12 February 2017.

Australian Galleries Stock Rooms Exterior