Camie Lyons – Umbi Gumbi Artist Residency

In News October 10, 2020

Earlier this year, Camie Lyons undertook a 3-week long creative residency at the beautiful, secluded Umbi Gumbi.

Umbi Gumbi is a 100-acre property in a stunning beachside location nestled in the spotted gum forest, on the far south coast of NSW Australia. It is bordered by Cuttagee beach along the eastern side of the property and Cuttagee Lake to the north.

The property was designated a Nature Reserve in 1978 with a mandate to preserve this piece of coastal forest comprising spotted gums, coastal mahogany, banksia, stands of melaleuca, burrawangs and cabbage palms, and wildlife such as wallaby, possums, kangaroo, and native birdlife.IMG_0627The Artist-in-Residence program at the Beach House, Umbi Gumbi, was initiated in 2018. It is open to writers, musicians and visual artists. The program builds on the property’s rich cultural history, providing an inspirational place for artists to pursue their practice.IMG_0581My time at Umbi Gumbi was amazing – a peace and calm felt that I had forgotten and this led to many new directions.’ – Camie LyonsIMG_0529Camie says her productive time during the residency has been the starting point for her next exhibition with Australian Galleries in late 2021.IMG_0243

Camie Lyons is a Sydney-based artist that works across a variety of mediums including sculpture, painting and drawing. Her artistic practice is largely inspired by and incorporates her intuition and experience as a contemporary dancer, as she explores the free-flowing possibility of lines, form and movement created by the human body.

All images courtesy of the artist.