Dianne Fogwell – Artist of the Year, 31st Annual ACT Arts Awards

In News December 1, 2021

Image credit: Holly Treadaway

Congratulations to printmaker, Dianne Fogwell, who has been announced as Artist of the Year at the 31st Annual ACT Arts Awards, held at Canberra Museum and Gallery.

Fogwell is embedded in the history of Canberra’s visual arts. She was the co-founder of Studio One print workshop, founder/director of the Criterion Press and Fine Art Gallery and a long-time lecturer in printmaking, graphic investigation and lecturer in charge of the Edition + Artists Book Studio at ANU School of Art.

‘I think it’s quite a privilege and I’m very chuffed. For such a difficult year it was a good time of focus for me, combine that with years of work, it felt good to get the award for this year.

Being a Canberra artist means a lot, I came here in the 80s after turning down graduate offers in Melbourne, in making that commitment to the capital I’ve had the opportunity to build Canberra’s art scene and be a part of its emergence over the decades.’ – Dianne Fogwell

To read more, visit City News and The Canberra Times online.

We look forward to Dianne’s upcoming solo exhibition at Australian Galleries, Melbourne in March 2022.