Dianne Fogwell – ‘Harbinger’ at Mildura Arts Centre

In News September 25, 2021

Image above: Diane Fogwell  A measure of hope  2021  linocut, burn drawings, image transfer, pigmented ink on mulberry paper  8 panels, 143 x 600 cm

Dianne Fogwell’s beautiful work is currently featured as a part of a group exhibition at Mildura Art Centre.

‘Harbinger’ explores the complex relationship between humans and birds through the work of seven artists using a range of media and processes.

The visual artists invited to make work for Harbinger share an interest in exploring the different ways that people relate to and interact with the natural world in their art practice. Although each artist typically creates representational imagery or objects to interrogate this theme, they approach the subject from a different viewpoint and use different media and processes to do so.

In acknowledgment of the importance of birdsong as the most frequent way we experience birds, the displayed works are embedded in a soundscape composed by Reuben Lewis derived from field recordings of birds that have then been manipulated in the studio. Drawing this work together in Harbinger offers a diverse display of artworks that engage with humanity’s complex relationship with birds.‘ – Nicola Dickson, 2021

The exhibition is current until Sunday 7 November at Mildura Arts Centre. To find out more, visit the Mildura Arts Centre website.

Learn more about Dianne Fogwell’s art practices and techniques, and discover how Dianne created these two large-scale prints for the ‘Harbinger’ exhibition in this video. The soundscape is by Dianne’s son, Australian composer and producer, Reuben Lewis.

Image above: Dianne Fogwell  The grand emptiness  2021  linocut, burn drawings, image transfer, pigmented ink on mulburry paper  11 panels, 143 x 825 cm