Entrancing Others: A Group Exhibition – Gippsland Art Gallery

In News March 20, 2021

Image above: G.W. Bot  Other glyphs  2020  linocut 38 x 38 cm – Photography courtesy of Tim Gresham

Sue Anderson, Andrew Antoniou, G.W. Bot, Jazmina Cininas, Angus Fisher, Rona Green, Kyoko Imazu, Glenn Morgan, Heather Shimmen, Julian Twigg and Deborah Williams are among the artists featured in the recently opened exhibition, Entrancing Others, at Gippsland Art Gallery.

This exhibition was organised by Rona Green. Of the process she said “It was left up to the artist to decide whether for them this was best done literally, metaphorically, conceptually, symbolically, poetically, or any other-ally.” By investigating the theme via linocut and woodcut, to etching, aquatint and mezzotint, to lithography, screenprint and digital imagery, this selection of works beautifully illustrates the distinct qualities of a range of printmaking techniques.

The exhibition opens at Gippsland Art Gallery on Saturday 20 March and is current until 23 May 2021. For more information, click here.

Image above: Jazmina Cininas  Jerboa Jerboa’s enchantments are most dear  2020  reduction linocut  37.5 x 38 cm

Image above: Deborah Williams  Situated self  2019  screenprint  38 x 38 cm