Big city kooks
- Chris Ingham

While working at Fundere Fine Art Foundry as a mould maker and wax technician, Chris Ingham started defining his own vision of designing and casting small figurines, using the lost wax process.
That vision has been refined over the years, allowing him to express the individuality and character of each figurine, with a subtle humor.  Ingham explores the tension between the plasticine softness of the wax and the weight and density of bronze by an additive and subtractive method of working, exploiting the natural surface roughness and unrefined textures inherent in the casting process. Once cast, the bronzes are painted in oil colours suited to the personality of the figurine.
Working simultaneously as a printmaker, content from his printed images-featuring men in urban and natural landscape has found its way into his sculpting process.  There are sculptural aspects of making a print: the build up of ink on the paper matrix, along with the mark making aspects of engraving and digging into the surface of the copper. This dialogue between printmaking and sculpture has been an ongoing process in Ingham’s artistic output.
Chris Ingham
Printmaker and sculptor, Chris Ingham was born in Adelaide. He is currently living and working …
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