Melbourne, 19 Sep 2023 — 7 Oct 2023

35 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

- Wayne Eager

Wayne Eager deepens his explorations into abstraction in a magnificent new body of work presented in CONTINUUM.

Eager’s version of painting is a response to his environment which incorporates motifs of nature, organic forms and hints at figurative elements.

His paintings often take years to create, a process which produces an at times heavily textured surface. His layered canvases are created through addition and subtraction, driven by the act of painting rather than a concept. Elements of calligraphy mesh with gestured mark making and glazes to create a rich and evocative surface with depth and resonance. The structural elements teeter between cohesion and chaos, often held together with tentative line work.

The works are built from fragments and structures that usually evolve slowly. There are also works that are finished in one session, yet the patina of time resonates under the surface. Colour is intensified or modulated from one session to the next, so the viewer is able to trace the narrative through gestures and of layers of paint.

Eager’s paintings oscillate between intense working and loose simplicity, creating a personal understanding of abstraction which is tethered to a response to the natural and built environment.

Wayne Eager
Wayne Eager is a gestural artist, absorbed with form, colour and texture. His method is …
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  Wayne Eager is a gestural artist, absorbed with form, colour and texture. His method is based on the accretion …

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