Entwined and Bound
- Ian Westacott

‘A tree shows its scars and knocks but keeps on living and enduring. I see in them accumulations of experience.  As people we carry around injuries we had as children and the scars of our emotional lives. We keep scars locked away in our personalities and under our clothes, but with a tree it is all out there with a view. All the trees I draw are on the edge, some right on the edge. History says that they can’t live much longer. Some, like the oaks in Cadzow, are defying time. Most of the trees I draw are isolated and alone. We all know how it feels to be like that. As we get older we identify more with the frailty of situations and bodies. If I were to draw myself as a tree I would be pretty gnarled.’ – Ian Westacott

Ian Westacott
Printmaker Ian Westacott completed a Diploma in Art and Design at Wangaratta Technical College in …
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