Melbourne, 6 Feb 2024 — 24 Feb 2024

35 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

- Jenny Rodgerson

Figures presents a magnificent series of large-scale nudes by painter Jenny Rodgerson, which highlight her masterful ability to express the essence of the human form through nuanced light and shade, expressive brushstrokes and bold colour harmonies. These captivating works are exhibited alongside a collection of oils portraying the artist’s beloved dogs, their languid forms in interplay with vibrantly coloured Baluch rugs and kilims.

‘The human figure is so complex and interesting to paint. Painting one on one with a model is intense, there is always movement which challenges you to look and focus. The eye never settles on the whole all at once, but darts from one area to another. Painting from life captures this energy – there is always a degree of looseness or movement.

I try not to over intellectualize what I see but rather respond to what is in front of me. It is a play between the sitter, the artist and the illusive creativity that comes from being in the present moment. The body is a vessel for consciousness and I am fascinated by what it can express. The angles, shapes and colours of the human body with light on it is endlessly interesting and beautiful to me.’  – Jenny Rodgerson, 2024

Jenny Rodgerson
Jenny Rodgerson’s figurative paintings are powerful. They embody both a stillness and a potent sense …
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