Sydney, 21 Feb 2023 — 12 Mar 2023

15 Roylston Street [PO Box 282], Paddington 2021

Large Drawings / Stone Variations
- David Jensz

In recent years I reviewed my practice and concluded that I want to reduce my footprint on the earth. I resolved to work smaller and recycle materials where possible. 

I have always been interested in Physics, the origins of the Universe and the incongruity of the Quantum realm. We perceive our world as things (matter) in space. Our daily perception is determined by our scale in the Universe as we interact with the world in a corporeal way. It would be very different if we could experience the world in quantum terms.  Smaller than an atom, we would perceive that everything is mostly space, filled with force fields and energy while the subatomic particles manifest in clouds of probability. I find the idea that we are in space as much as space is in us, keeps me grounded. 

The large graphite drawings are not intended to be literal observations, but rather they reflect on the particle/energy relationships in the quantum realm where edges and differences in matter are an illusion.  Using graphite on paper, the drawings build on a subjective process of repetition, while imagining an engagement with the sub-atomic.

The geological forces that created river stones at the heart of each sculpture, combined with the effects of weathering and water erosion connect them to deep time. I animate the stones adding constructed elements made of recycled corrugated iron, steel, copper or lead. The combinations create a sense that they may spin, hover or even walk away, while others stay balanced or stretch out into space. Collectively, they generate ambiguous relationships suggesting potential vitality and new growth.’ – David Jensz, 2023

David Jensz
David Jensz is an innovative contemporary sculptor whose practice spans studio-based works and public art commissions. David’s works …
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