Melbourne, 25 Aug 2022 — 17 Sep 2022

28 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

Leaf and Feather
- Fleur Rendell

Meet the Artist 2pm Saturday 27 August 2022

‘During the past couple of years, I have continued to explore the still life genre and birds of Northeast Victoria. The works often have a ‘close to home’ theme as I made most of them during times of restricted movement due to the pandemic. The flowers in vases were from our garden or from friends’ gardens. The birds are local ones or annual visitors such as the Gang Gang Cockatoos.

Still life is a favourite genre for me. It is always available, an ever-giving subject. I need objects or arrangements that ignite my curiosity. I need to feel drawn to an object, perhaps it holds memories for me, or I am attracted by its design and marvel at its origins. Once I have made a sketch, I wonder if will it become a print or a collage? How will I render it? Which colours and shapes will feature? What mood will I convey? What will I leave out?

All of this is a delightful challenge and I aim to reach just beyond my abilities, so the work continues to develop. I enjoy the stillness and connection that comes when I am absorbed in the processes of drawing, carving, and printing the blocks. It is a meditation, and other cares slip away.

Included in this collection, Leaf & Feather are linocut prints, woodblock prints and collages.’ – Fleur Rendell, 2022



Fleur Rendell
Linocut print maker Fleur Rendell completed a Bachelor of Arts in ceramics and printmaking at …
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