Melbourne, 3 Aug 2021 — 13 Nov 2021

28 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

- Martin King

Artist Talk & Closing Celebration: Tuesday 9 November 7pm


‘Extracting the essence from a wide range of imagery and combining with an underlying theme of man’s interaction with nature, Martin King performs a mysterious alchemy where disparate concepts fuse together to create a coherent statement that is both literal and visual. Exploring an aesthetic reconstruction of the natural order in the real world, King provides insight into this complex system of habitats and species that co-exist under the relentless pressure of human interaction, both as a contemporary attitude and an inherited historical perspective.

Incorporating primitive animism, living and inanimate objects present in the Australian landscape are imbued with a tangible spiritual presence describing a distilled and amalgamated comprehension of the natural order. The viewer is urged to hold a mirror to the human species as an opportunity for humanity to re-engage with his co-inhabitants and touch the real spirit of the world we inhabit. Juxtaposing discrete thoughts to create a dynamic collision of images, King creates a collage, blended to instil a lyricism that is sometimes also physically present in the form of written verse. This poetry takes the form of a sadness and indifference from both nature and humanity, along with respect and reverence, and a call for a considered and ongoing spiritual and physical rapprochement.’

– Excerpt from the essay ‘Strangerlands’ by Caroline Field, Writer and Curator, June 2021

Martin King
Martin King’s wide-ranging art practice is underpinned by an abiding interest in the Australian landscape, …
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