Melbourne, 5 Mar 2024 — 1 Apr 2024

28 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

Worthwhile Search
- Nick Dridan

“These somewhat imaginary scenes are based on the farm and surrounding landscape in which I live, in Central Western Victoria. Strangely enough, I do not really consider subject matter to be very important in painting. However, I respect the old adage of many writers – “write what you know.” Having spent my formative years here, I use what I know as a springboard and try to find some poetry in it.

On a surface level there are recurring motifs I return to such as animals, structures, vegetation etc. Things that give the paintings some sense of place and perhaps narrative feel. Composing these elements in the painting is a large focus of my work, paying attention to the overall light effect, particularly how that light works with tone. Shape and line are also essential, as well as any intriguing rounded forms.

If I had to speak in vague terms of what has guided me with these recent works, I would use words like ‘beauty’ and ‘mystery’. These paintings can be seen as an ongoing search to find ways of translating seemingly ineffable thoughts or feelings. Perhaps an impossible goal, but a worthwhile search.” – Nick Dridan, 2024

Nick Dridan
Nick Dridan’s paintings are inspired by the landscape that surrounds him; a farm in the …
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