Nick Dridan

b. 1988

Nick Dridan’s paintings are inspired by the landscape that surrounds him; a farm in the Pyrenees Ranges in Central Victoria. Having grown up there, both memory and direct observation have a role to play in his working method.

He will often approach a painting with an underlying feeling or loose narrative. While a sense of place is evident, the emotive quality of his work is evocative of a theatre set, or backdrop where events play out. Stories that perhaps can’t be directly read, or meaning which is hinted at where there may be none.

Dridan seeks to distil the shapes, lines, colours and other elements of the landscape into something akin to visual poetry. His deeply engaging works are part real and part imaginary, and poignantly reflect an inner and outer world.

Nick Dridan has been a finalist in several prizes including the A.M.E Bale Traveling Prize and the Len Fox Painting Prize.