Melbourne, 25 Jul 2023 — 12 Aug 2023

28 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

Place of the heart
- Phillip Edwards

‘Can art, be it poetry, music or painting exist without heart and passion? The absence of the artist’s spirit leaves work lacking what is quintessentially human; what we have to offer back as creators. In my own way ‘Place of the heart’ carries forward my responses to places and self-observance. 

The Western Arthur Range in southern Tasmania has become one such place that energised me from afar, motivating the mission like journey to stand and be in this majestic wilderness. Untouched by development, blanketed with snow drifts 8 months of the year, standing on the range was surreal after the three-day hike to its jagged ridges. The experience was one of purity and total immersion, which is unusual for my restless, overactive mind. I’m attracted to wild places of pure, beautiful distraction. 

Also included in the show are works that explore a personal inner world using the devastating storms of 2021 as metaphor for reflecting on the human condition. Mystical in nature they observe and comment on how renewal is a natural cycle and ‘seasons’ in our lives result in personal growth. A very personal theme, but one that resonates with many viewers that are climbing out of difficult times. Enjoy ‘Place of the heart’ knowing these works transcend mere representation.’ Phillip Edwards, 2023

Phillip Edwards
Phillip Edwards is an artist living and working in Bullarto Victoria in the vibrant arts …
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