Sydney, 8 Oct 2020 — 25 Oct 2020

15 Roylston Street [PO Box 282], Paddington 2021

Table Pieces and Works on Paper
- David Horton

I love the idea of making something new in the world that refers mostly to itself. Music is the phenomena that I’m most interested in, so I like to explore rhythms through repetition of shape and what can happen between those shapes. I try to balance form space and light through a haptic and intuitive process. A composer would arrange rhythm melody and harmony into compositions. I am trying to choreograph form, space and light into a composition that aims to approach a visual equivalency to music. I don’t think of beauty as an anachronistic value. In the endeavour to surprise myself by utilising chance techniques and improvisation, I am looking for a kind of beauty that infers a musical experience.
– David Horton, 2020


David Horton
Dave Horton is a contemporary sculptor who uses a modernist aesthetic to create strong and …
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