Melbourne, 13 Apr 2021 — 2 May 2021

28 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066


STILL presents us with a contemporary understanding and interpretation of the great tradition of still life painting through the lens of three highly celebrated painters. Each artist in this exhibition explores their unique visual language and mastery of their chosen medium, the poignancy and poetry of the everyday objects that surround us.

Catherine Abel, Andrea J. Smith and Pam Tippett are each highly regarded for their magnificent still life compositions, masterfully rendered in oil paint. Each artist possesses a distinct individual style; their diverse, yet equally captivating paintings are testament to the impressive technical skills they have refined over many years.

The acute observational skills of the artists and their preferred subjects bring a deeply personal and contemporary relevance to this classical painting genre. While the somewhat humble objects they portray, such as fruits, vegetables, flowers and household objects will resonate with the viewer as familiar, when presented through the perceptive eyes of the artist they become elevated, vibrant and utterly enchanting.