The Landscape of Memory
- Peter D. Cole

Peter D. Cole’s lifelong connection to landscape, colour, form and modernism resonate poetically through his captivating sculptural compositions.

In this exhibition, Cole invites the viewer to explore the landscapes with which he has a personal resonance. The Memory of Landscape presents free standing sculptures created over the past two years, in varying scale, utilising a range of media including brass, bronze, wood and marble with painted and patinated surfaces.

Rock formations, trees, stars and moons are masterfully realised through Cole’s distinctive visual language of streamlined forms and a vibrant colour palette. The artist elegantly distills the colours and forms of the natural world into clean, symbolic motifs.

From the area between Red Hill and Black Hill where he lives, to places he has visited such as The Olgas, Uluru and beyond, Peter’s beautifully constructed works evoke the joy, awe and wonder inspired by these magnificent places.


All images credited to Oliver Cole.

Peter D. Cole
Sculptor Peter D. Cole was born in Gawler, South Australia and trained at the South Australian …
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