Melbourne, 9 Apr 2024 — 27 Apr 2024

35 Derby Street [PO Box 1183], Collingwood 3066

The Other and The Other One
- Titania Henderson

‘These folded, paper-thin forms foster ideas around the injustice within culture. The contrast between the fragility and vulnerability of each piece, and the cohesiveness of their arrangement as a whole, reflects my interest in capturing the idea of ‘the other’. – Titania Henderson  

‘Titania Henderson’s work is deeply emotional; the tenderness of her forms creates a dialogue between life, nature and artistic expression. Her use of bone china imbues the works with both fragility and robust strength, qualities akin to human nature. The individuality of each form is both deliberate and accidental – a result of fire – yet their beautifully finished edges and finely resolved surfaces speak of a highly skilled perfectionism.’ – Amanda Dunsmore, Curator, International Decorative Art and Antiquities, National Gallery of Victoria

Bronze casting Meridian Sculpture Foundry
All works unique (Artist Proof may exist but vary in colour and texture)
Sculptor welcomes discussion re larger scale

Titania Henderson
The product of a finely balanced alchemy; working with porcelain today is as much a …
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