Farewell Wendy Loefler

In News June 4, 2017

It is with great sadness we bring you the news of the very tragic death of artist Wendy Loefler.

Wendy died while her exhibition was on show at our gallery in Melbourne. The exhibition closes today, Sunday 4 June 2017.

Her show consisted mainly of one very large work, a drawing and wash made up of 12 canvases which entirely fills the walls of our new Stock Room Gallery.

The painting came from many trips to the central desert, working on plein air for studies to make up the major work. Wendy had been aiming toward this work as a major statement in her art career and was absolutely thrilled to be standing in the gallery with joy of what she had achieved.

In celebration of the work’s final completion and the opening Wendy left with her husband Andy to visit his hometown in Germany. During the welcome home party Wendy suffered a devastating stroke and was never to recover consciousness. Her children Tom and Laura were able to fly to Germany to join Andy in saying their goodbyes before life support was shut down.

Andy has reported that she suffered no pain and died peacefully.

Our gallery, Wendy’s many friends and most of all Wendy’s family – Andy, Tom and Laura are utterly devastated. Our thoughts, hearts and prayers are with them.

A remarkable, kind, intelligent and warm person – she will be greatly missed.

Stuart Purves

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