Jennifer Keeler-Milne – REPEATER: From the Collection, Newcastle Art Gallery

In News September 23, 2020

Image above: Jennifer Keeler-Milne  18 desert rocks  2013   charcoal on paper  17.5 x 17.5 cm each

Drawn exclusively from the Gallery’s collection, REPEATER at Newcastle Art Gallery features a newly acquired, exquisite charcoal drawing by Jennifer Keeler-Milne.

18 desert rocks demonstrates Jennifer’s masterful ability to create subtle yet powerful imagery of the natural world. In creating these highly original drawings, she builds the background in black willow charcoal, revealing the form of the object in white relief. The artist captures the distinct characteristics and details of a range of organic forms, yet also imbues them with a sense of intrigue.

REPEATER presents works of art that imitate life amidst a pandemic, as we take a more minimalist approach to life, or find ourselves repeating the same motions day after day. But instead of monotonous or mundane, repetition can be comforting. In this way, the exhibition encourages us to focus on the beauty of the familiar.

The exhibition is a diverse display of mediums and methods that all employ repetition in some way. From collecting household items and arranging them en masse to create new perspectives on the everyday; looking for patterns within nature; amplifying the qualities of a medium through repetitive mark-making; to performing a ritual of repeating the same motions and retracing the same paths as a means of meditation or mindfulness.

The exhibition runs from 2 June – 5 October 2020. For more information, click here.

Jennifer Keeler-Milne Desert rock #1 2013 charcoal on paper 18 x 18. cm 72Jennifer Keeler-Milne Desert rock #7 2013 charcoal on paper 18 x 18. cm 72