Jennifer Keeler-Milne – Sydney Morning Herald Article by Steve Meacham, June 1 2021

In News June 2, 2021

Image above: Jennifer Keeler-Milne in her studio in Newtown (Photograph: Nick Moir)

In anticipation of her upcoming exhibition, ‘Autumn & Spring’, at Australian Galleries in Sydney, The Sydney Morning Herald have published the following article on Jennifer Keeler-Milne.

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An artist’s salute to the fallen

As COVID-19 crippled Australia in autumn last year, a woman could be spotted picking up dying leaves from the gutters of inner-city Sydney.

“I felt these weathered, disintegrating leaves just echoed our collective experience in autumn 2020,” says artist Jennifer Keeler-Milne, who this year became a 10-time finalist in the prestigious annual Dobell drawing prize.

“I loved their shape, patterns, textures and colours. They were mainly brown, but I’ve imposed the autumnal palette of colour in my paintings.”

“We didn’t know where COVID was heading then. But like those leaves, we weathered.”

Autumn & Spring is Keeler-Milne’s first painting exhibition for seven years.

– Steve Meacham, Sydney Morning Herald, June 1 2021