Kevin Mortensen ‘The Alchemist’ at Gippsland Art Gallery

In News December 11, 2018

Kevin Mortensen’s enigmatic artworks are as diverse as his many and varied materials, which range from painting and drawing, to sculpture, installation, and performance.

Throughout his expansive oeuvre, which now spans five decades, Mortensen has explored the themes of transformation, animals (especially birds), and the natural environment.

The Alchemist is Mortensen’s first major solo exhibition at Gippsland Art Gallery, and will run the wide gamut of his practice.

Underscoring the eclectic and often mysterious works are the deeply personal narratives drawn from his ancestral homeland of Denmark, of ocean scenes and familial longing tinged with peril and adventure.
– Text courtesy of Public Galleries Association Victoria

 8 December 2018 – 17 February 2019
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