Philip Davey and Kevin Boyd at Whitehorse Artspace

In News October 4, 2018

A friendship and artistic collaboration has grown in the gardened suburb of Surrey Hills over the course of the last 20 years. Kevin Boyd and Philip Davey, both long term residents of Surrey Hills, commenced their artistic association in 1998, Boyd the potter and Davey the painter/printmaker. 

After two decades of creative collaboration, friends Kevin Boyd and Philip Davey join forces in this inspiring exhibition of landscapes and ceramics.

Both artists draw from an impressive body of artwork. Boyd’s talents lie in the creation of sublime ceramic art; Davey’s in his years of painting, drawing and creating prints with the Victorian landscape as his prime subject.

More recently, artworks created together and apart reveal the influences each artist has borne on the other. Students and practising artists alike will find stimulus in this exhibition and will appreciate the visual brilliance a 20 year collaboration has forged.

This month long exhibition officially launches on Saturday 6 October at 2pm, Whitehorse Artspace and features works in clay, print and paint.

Pictured above: Philip Davey Colonial Raft  2017, oil on linen116 x 182 cm