Return of the Australian Galleries Exhibition Award

In News December 20, 2022

Australian Galleries is delighted to mark the return of the ‘Australian Galleries Exhibition Award’. This award gives exceptional NAS graduates across a variety of disciplines one year to develop their practices before a group exhibition presented at Australian Galleries – Sydney.


Sebastian Conti.

Students Scott Elk (BFA – Ceramics), Courtney McClelland (BFA – Painting), and Beatrice Weidner (BFA – Printmaking) will show their bodies of work in January 2024.

Stafford Gaffney  Pull Up to My Bumper Baby  2022  oil on canvas  76 x 152 cm.


Australian Galleries is also looking forward to presenting the 2021 graduate winners in the upcoming exhibition ‘Reunion’ opening on 24 January 2023. Here the works of Corey Black (MFA – Photomedia), Sebastian Conti (MFA – Ceramics), Charlotte Fetherston (BFA – Printmaking), Stafford Gaffney (BFA – Painting), Gala Grahovac (BFA – Ceramics), Melinda Hunt (MFA – Drawing), Aarone Neill (BFA – Sculpture), Sylvie Veness (MFA – Printmaking), and Alice Xu (BFA – Painting) will be on view until 12 February 2023.


Contact us to enquire to join the mailing list for the Australian Galleries Exhibition Award at Australian Galleries – Sydney in 2023.

Exhibition dates: 24 January – 12 February 2023.

Aarone Neill.

Corey Black.

Alice Xu.

Charlotte Fetherston  Fracture  2022  unique state print etching on cotton rag  39 x 53 cm.

Melinda Hunt.

Gala Grahovac.

Sylvie Veness.