Simon Fieldhouse ‘Art and Surgery’ – RPA Institute of Academic Surgery

In News December 1, 2018

“When you’re up close the patients really are extremely vulnerable. I’m extraordinarily proud of these works.” -Simon Fieldhouse, 2018

In an exciting new and interdisciplinary series ‘Art and Surgery’ Simon Fieldhouse explores the various aspects and perspectives of surgical treatment that are not often accessible to the general public. In this body of work, Fieldhouse aims to portray a special human side of surgery including the experience for both the patient and the clinical team, as the viewer is given an intimate glimpse into the operating room.

The series of ink and watercolour drawings and paintings were created over a period of nine months from March to December 2018 and was conceived in conjunction with Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and RPA Institute of Academic Surgery. In the main, the types of surgery covered in these paintings are Colorectal Pelvic Exenteration, Neurosurgery (removal of a brain tumour), Cardiothoracic Surgery (open-heart) Orthopaedic Surgery (knee and hip replacement), Robotic Surgery (urology) and General operating theatre procedures including Anesthetics and Nursing.

Simon Fieldhouse is an established Sydney based artist who works in pen and watercolour. His intricate drawings depict historical architecture from around the globe and the everyday collective things that we both do and experience as a society.

To view a selection of works from the new series ‘Art and Surgery’ click here.

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Wednesday 5 December

6 – 7:30pm

Level 3, Atrium Gloucester House Drive

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Image: Simon Fieldhouse, There’s no “i” in team, 2018, ink and watercolour on paper.