Stuart Purves AM speaks with ‘Conversations in Pubs’ host and arts advocate Jill Rivers

In News April 7, 2016

Conversation in Pubs’ is a series of lively discussions about art and culture, initiated by writer, producer and arts advocate Jill Rivers.

“The overarching aim of my professional career has been to demystify the arts – to make them accessible to everyone and enrich their everyday life.” she says, “Getting to know the people involved in making it happen – the creators and motivators, on a relaxed, personal basis, listening to their views and inspiration, asking them questions, chatting over a coffee or glass of wine, breaks down perceived barriers we have in our New World countries.”

On Sunday 28 June 2015, ‘Conversations in Pubs’ hosted a fascinating dialogue between Australian Galleries National Director Stuart Purves AM and Jill Rivers at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Trentham, Victoria.

“Your eyes are only the lenses, it’s the brain that does the seeing” – Stuart Purves AM

You can get a wonderful insight into Stuart’s lifelong immersion in the visual arts by viewing the following video.