‘Prints4Ukraine’ at CBD Gallery

Prints by Danielle Creenaune, Simon Fieldhouse, David Frazer, Peter Kingston, Bruce Latimer and Garry Shead are currently on show at the newly opened CBD Gallery in the exhibition Prints4Ukraine.

The first exhibition from CBD Gallery, Prints4Ukraine exhibits 79 prints donated by over sixty artists from Australia and Ukraine to provide assistance to the children of Ukraine. All included works are available for purchase. For more information, follow the link to the exhibition page here.


CBD Gallery
72 Erskine Street, Sydney NSW 2000
20 May – 24 June 2023


Danielle Creenaune  Transcend IV  2015  sugarlift and aquatint etching  edition 17 of 30  28 x 38 cm.

Simon Fieldhouse  Sydney Harbour Bridge  2022  digital print  76 x 45 cm.

David Frazer  Waiting for rain (panel 2, 2nd state) 2013  linocut  68 x 57 cm

Peter Kingston  Au revoir Olli and Rossi (Mackerel Beach) #2  2015  hand-coloured etching  34 x 41 cm.

Bruce Latimer  tree TREE  etching  50 x 44 cm.

Garry Shead  The Darkening Ecliptic (Ern Malley)  2003  ceramic box containing print in nine pieces, which form a completed jigsaw with an image titled Petit Testament  29 x 21 .5 x 6 cm (ceramic box); 15 x 22 cm (etchings).

Garry Shead  The Darkening Ecliptic (Ern Malley)  2003  (detail).

Bruce Latimer – ‘Re:Connection’ at Intersection Art Space

Image above: tree TREE  2008  etching  50 x 44 cm  Ed 20. Image courtesy of the artist.


Australian Galleries is pleased to share that Bruce Latimer will be showing 60 etchings bridging over two decades of his artistic practice in his upcoming exhibition Re:Connection, showing at Intersection Art Space in Burnie, Tasmania from Sunday 9 October. Meticulously created and skillfully printed, these works demonstrate Latimer’s dexterity, precision and close observation of the world around him.

“This survey exhibition from a master printmaker gives us insight into the sometimes tenuous but never-ending connections between the seemingly disparate and far flung. Is a car a tree? Is an animal a plant? Where are we in all this?”

Heart Throb  2012  etching  44 x 89 cm  Ed 17. Image courtesy of the artist. 
Available in the Australian Galleries stockroom – follow link to view online


“Re:Connection is a bringing back together of things that have lost their way. A visual journey across an uncanny landscape full of peculiarities. If you have ever yearned for a sense of meaning in a rapidly changing world, Re:Connection is calling out to you from just up ahead.”

Hold Up  2009  etching  51 x 89 cm  Ed 17. Image courtesy of the artist.
Available in the Australian Galleries stockroom – follow link to view online.



To view other available etchings by Bruce Latimer in the Australian Galleries stockroom, follow this link, or make an enquiry with enquiries@australiangalleries.com.au.



Intersection Art Space
4-22 Wilmot Street, Burnie
9 October – 20 November 2022

Opening Night
Saturday 8 October 5:30pm – onwards
Opened by Daniel Thomas AM
Intersection Art Space
Follow this link to RSVP

Artist Talk
Sunday 9 October 2pm
Follow this link to RSVP


Fluorescence 1  2011  etching  50 x 75 cm  Ed 18. Image courtesy of the artist.