Vale Peter Kingston

In News September 30, 2022

It is with great sadness to tell of the very sad passing of Peter Kingston during his sleep yesterday afternoon, after a lengthy battle with cancer. Our gallery had the great privilege of representing Peter for the past 30 years.

Peter joined us shortly after we opened our gallery in Sydney. He was an extraordinary man, totally dedicated to his attitude of preserving the best of our world rather than have it constantly run over for something new. He adored Sydney Harbour and is famous for bringing us the joys of our old and working Sydney Harbour, with its ferries, jetties, Wylie’s Baths and of course his great love of the Opera House. He was constantly reminding us of the Harbour’s importance, and although he saw its activities modernised he loved and painted its history.

Peter’s paintings have become loved and important as a result. He was a wonderful painter, fabulous printmaker, he made constructions, books and never failed to surprise us with the vast array of his artworks and the following they caused. His observations, intelligence and how he brought them to us so often made us re-see in a better light things we knew.

Our hearts go out to Fairlie Kingston, Peter’s sister, whose great care of him recently may have helped Peter live one or two years more than was perhaps predicted. The two were inextricably linked throughout their lives, and her support of him and his work was paramount.

Peter possessed an unwavering integrity. He believed strongly in good deeds. He never chased stardom and was an unwavering giver through his artistic eye for his entire life. We join all of you who I know will be saddened that this extraordinary fellow is gone.

-Stuart Purves, 30 September 2022

Peter’s wish was for no fuss, funeral or speeches. The show that he has been working on for December this year will now go ahead as a memorial exhibition.